Pole-Position is your 'Gyeon Certified Detailer' for West-Flanders, offering know-how and support in ceramic coatings. The advanced quartz layers offer the perfect protection for daily use.



Gyeon Q2 Duraflex is the leader in ceramic quartz coatings, including a 5 year warranty! This professional surface treatment is only available through Gyeon Certified Detailers!


The coating protects the surface and delivers added depth in one single layer! Duraflex uses the latest silica (Si) technology, leaving a complete ceramic layer on the paint. This adds extra thickness and scratch resistance to your car’s paint.


The GYEON result is not only a very strong, resistant and slick layer but also an extremely hydrophobic surface; making water and raindrops bead like never before! This lovely effect does not only look good but helps keeping the surface clean and easy to clean; making regular maintenance washes easy and fun.


Duraflex offers a 5 year or 50.000km protection to the paint, even for a daily driver. It's nearly impossible to touch the coating with normal cleaning chemicals.

This treatment can be applied to almost every surface including:

  • paint
  • plastics
  • fabrics
  • glass
  • wheels