Pole-Position Car Detailing is an established value in Belgiums detailing market and was created striving for beautiful & shiny cars.

Paint Protection Film

Pole-Position the best film available to this date. XPEL Ultimate Plus is a self healing layer protecting your car and paint against stone chips & scratches. It's the barrier between your car and everything on the road. 

We're factory trained installer for West-Flanders and the north of France.

Gyeon coating

Pole-Position is certified Gyeon detail center. The complex ceramic quartz layers are the best possible protection for daily drivers and this for more than 5 years or 50,000 km. A long-lasting deep shine and self-cleaning surface are the result!

Gyeon offers coatings for paint, glass, plastics, fabrics, and more...

Car Covers

Pole-Position sells tailormade car covers in lots of different colors, with custom logo's and piping. They fit like a glove, following the curves of your car perfectly and still showing its original shape. Their elasticity and suede like inside layer are gentle on your car and its paint, offering a superior quality and fit.


As a certified Swissvax Center, Pole-Position can offer the perfect tailor-made treatment for every classic & concours winning car.

Swissvax has been the producer of high-quality car detailing products since 1930, with the renowned 'made in Switzerland' quality label!