Our complete approach

Home pickup and delivery? Leather repair ? Rims damaged or - worse - the bodywork ? Or personalized striping? We are your partner for a personalized all-in approach to your car.

Your classic or vintage car is also at the right place in our car-spa.

Thanks to our extensive network and more than 20 years of experience, we know what is right.

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Transport & Storage

Our enclosed Brian James trailer allows us to transport discreetly and safely. Thus, we guarantee a virgin paint before the protective film is placed or an immaculate home delivery.

We provide a flexible customized approach: pick-up at the dealership and home delivery without risk of stone chips or rain & dirt.

This service is also ideally suited for low sports cars.


    Don't have the time?

    If so, we offer secure storage for your car. In our showroom, workshop and storage area we have enough space to temporarily store your car. A perfect storage in combination with our customized car covers and the most modern trickle chargers.

    So your car always remains in top condition.



      Does the front bumper have too much stone chips? Or your classic back like new? Together with RSC Automobile, we offer outstanding paint and bodywork.

      Is the damage not that bad? Dents without spray painting can be the ideal solution. This way, the paintwork remains 100% original and the finish is still entirely to your liking.

      Parked too close to the car? Or looking for a new look? A new powder coating and diamond cut will make your wheels look like new again. Our layer of ceramic coating is the icing on the cake!

        MG 6607

        Wraps & stickers

        Subtle advertising for your business? Or custom striping? Certain accent finishes in a matte look, chrome delete or carbon finish? We can provide this during the paint treatment of your car.


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