Gyeon develops and perfects the most high-tech products for protection and maintenance of the car and its paintwork. From simple shampoos to ceramic coatings ...

GYEON Quartz Coatings


Paint surface protection based on silica dioxid (SiO2) is the most advanced technology to this date. This technology was perfected in other industries; one purpose was to protect trains from graffiti.  


GYEON used this new technology to create the best possible product for your car. One of the quartz coating main properties is the ability to increase the surface or tension strength of the surface. The second property is the added thickness. Third is the total strength of this coating or layer. After applying the product to your paint surface, there’s a very durable and very strong layer that is left. Increasing scratch resistance and paint depth!


Because of its thickness and durability, quartz coatings help protecting the paint against dirt and scratches. This ensures a long lasting shine!

The ceramic layer is extremely resistant against chemicals, from pH 2 to 11. Even frequent washing or strong chemicals won’t touch the surface!


The result is not only a very strong, resistant and slick layer but also an extremely hydrophobic surface; making water and raindrops bead like never before! This lovely effect does not only look good but helps keeping the surface clean and easy to clean; making regular maintenance washes easy and fun.